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 Mission 2535

Sharing Christ in the Dominican Republic
We have exciting news! Christ Community Church has a brand new global missions partner serving the needs of people in the El Cibao region of the Dominican Republic at Villa Tapia called Mission 2535 (M2535).  With a purpose of sharing the gospel message, Mission 2535 uses many innovative methods and entrepreneurial thinking to first meet the practical needs of people in the DR. An interesting by-product of their entrepreneurial efforts are resources used to build church buildings. We invite you to check out the video to learn more, or click the button below for more information!


About Mission 2535 

Mission 2535's Mission Statement
To see believers from across cultures work side-by-side to help those in need. Mission 2535 knows from experience that a mission trip is an opportunity to connect with God on a practical level and enrich the lives of others through their service. Mission 2535 is committed to facilitating this opportunity for you to be involved in a short-term mission trip and see what a difference you can make in our beloved, impoverished communities of the Dominican Republic.


Mission 2535's Vision Statement 
As a family and an organization, Mission 2535 feels a specific mandate from the Lord to serve in the Dominican Republic.  They have established a close working relationship with the local church leadership, and their Dominican Mission 2535 team, to determine the most impactful ministry and project opportunities in the area.

Serve With Mission 2535

 The variety of gifts and skills needed are endless. That means there's something for everyone - including you!  Our initial trip will likely address a variety of needs, with opportunities in the future for more specialized trips, such as construction or medical clinics. Check out some of these opportunities in the list below: 


Medical/Dental Clinic - If you are a skilled professional in the fields of Medicine or Dentistry then please let us know as we have a specific need for your talents. Specifically, we are looking for: Doctors, Nurses, Dentists or Optometrists. We are partnering with National Alliance Churches and their communities to further help in this area.

Youth Detention Center - We have the unique privilege of being the only group allowed access to the youth detention center of La Vega. Join us on this amazing opportunity to share Christ with over 70 boys that are serving time for various sentences. Mission Twenty-five 35 is honored with the task of shining the light of Christ into this dark place and inspiring these boys with a message of hope through testimonies and devotionals. As some of these boys have been disowned by their families, they long for groups to come in and spend some time with them. The boys are excited to meet and sing with you!

Home For Special Needs - In the heart of Santiago is a home for 90 special-needs children who were unfortunately abandoned by their parents due to them being unwanted or for the financial fact that they could not afford to support them. Trust us when we say that you will never receive a smile as wide as when you see smiles of these precious children as you walk through the door. They love nothing more than to spend time with you, so games, cuddles and songs are going to be non-stop.

Senior's Home - Throughout Scripture we are exhorted to “Honor your father and mother." We believe that through Christ, this is to extend beyond our own flesh and blood so we will visit a senior home of 30 men and women who have no family willing to take care of them. We’ll have fun playing dominos and painting nails, but we will also help practically with washing dishes, folding clothes and serving lunch.

Construction - You will have the opportunity to work on an extensive list of projects that the ministry is currently involved in. Working primarily with cement & block, we will be working on the construction of a water filter factory, an aquaponics greenhouse, a vocational training school, a wood shop, a community market and a medical clinic.

Prayer Ministry - We will have the opportunity to connect with a local family and spend time praying for their needs. There will be times throughout the week for us to do some prayer walks within the local communities that we are serving.  And bless each family with a couple bags of groceries.

Outreach Events - Visiting teams definitely bring an excitement within our communities. With bouncy houses, popcorn, cotton candy and hotdogs, we will attract the community to come and listen to a Bible lesson and some testimonies in areas where the national church is planning to launch a future congregation.

Women's Rehbilitation Center - Visit with about 20 women who have entered the center for drugs, alcohol, and may have been abused by their husband. Be prepared to sing, share testimonies, and encourage these women through the love of Jesus.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) - Children's Ministry that will take place in one church for 5 consecutive days. Our hope is that your church will be able to build a lasting relationship with the pastor and children. We will be providing you with quality VBS curriculum, props, hands-on craft supplies, worship, a translator, and of course, much needed snacks.  Once you have registered your group, you will receive a link to the VBS curriculum. 

Baseball Game - Baseball is the national sport here in the Dominican Republic, so there is no faster way to establish relationships with the locals than to get involved and play the game. You will be playing with local teams in Santiago and have the opportunity to share your testimony with them. Children's Ministry that will take place in one church for 5 consecutive days. Our hope is that your church will be able to build a lasting relationship with the pastor and children. 

Garbage Dump Ministry - One of the greatest values that we practice within community is that of honor. We want to acknowledge and honor the men and women who spend countless hours at the garbage dump picking through the waste that the city throws out. Be prepared to minister with a testimony, skit or share an encouraging word. We will also have the privilege of eating lunch with these amazing human beings.

Orphanage/At Risk Children - Get to know children who come from broken homes whose parents might not be able to look after them and they are dealing with emotional and dysfunctional. The children maybe at the orphanage a couple months to a couple years or maybe for many years. Come prepared to encourage the children by playing games, singing, and sharing the love of Jesus with each and everyone of them.

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and came to visit me." - Matthew 25:35-36 

Join us on a Trip

Mission 2535 - Dominican Republic Youth Trip (FULL)
When: June 18 - June 25
Contact: Andrea Wageman

Mission 2535 - Dominican Republic
 August 13 - August 20
Contact: Dan + Christine Jensen 

Mission 2535 - Dominican Republic
Contact: Anton + Christina Welke 

Are you ready to make a difference?

Our next Info Meeting is THIS Sunday, May 22nd after the 10:30AM Service in RM 200
Join other CCC adults on our one-week trip to the Dominican Republic! We’re encouraging everyone at CCC to consider jumping in the beginning stages to be part of creating an exciting, impactful, long-term relationship with this ministry that will provide opportunities for everyone in our congregation.  We’ll engage in a variety of hands-on ministry opportunities and create life-changing relationships with people in a foreign country who need to hear the Gospel in addition to those living out their mission to serve the needs of these people.






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