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Soeuth and Syna Lao

Soeuth and Syna are both Cambodian Americans. They came to the States separately in the early 1980's as teenage refugees and attended school in the USA. In 1995, God called them back to serve Him in their homeland and they have been there ever since. The Laos have been blessed with two wonderful sons, Justin (15) and Jonathan (9). For the last 8 years, they have been serving in Cambodia in the city of Poipet. Poipet is in the northwest part of Cambodia, which borders Thailand.

Their main ministry focus has been discipleship and leadership training through the use of Theological Education by Extension (TEE) and other new believer materials. God has greatly blessed their Alliance ministry in Poipet! Presently, there are 10 house churches that have been planted and over 300 new believers who have been baptized. The majority of people that we've been working with are mostly young adults between 14-35 years old.

Young people from all over Cambodia go to Poipet to look for jobs at the casinos or Thai border markets. Poipet is a small city with a population of about 150,000. It is known as the "sin city", "wild, wild west", and the "armpit of Cambodia." There are at least 15 casinos and countless numbers of illegal brothels scattered all over the city. It is also one of the former strongholds of the last Khmer Rogue Regime (that claimed over two million Cambodian lives during the 1975-1979 wars).

Presently, Poipet is one of the main hubs in Southeast Asia where drugs, sex trafficking, and crime occurs. As a result of these public problems and current conditions, the opportunities for reaching out to lost souls is enormous. The Laos have found that people in Poipet are receptive to the Gospel. Despite ongoing oppositions to ministry and the persecutions are many, it is the right time for harvest.

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