Services are on Saturday at 5:30PM and Sunday at 9 + 10:30AM.Watch our latest sermon here!

Worship Ministries

The CCC Worship Team believes…

  1. Worship is about God, not us. Everything we do will be centered on Him.
  2. Worship is something we do, not watch. As we lead we worship along with the congregation, our posture pointing to God alone.
  3. Worship is an event and a lifestyle. We will use the event to encourage the lifestyle.
  4. Excellence is honoring to God. We will always try to give Him our best.
  5. Worship can be inviting for believers and seekers. We will create an atmosphere that is attractive to both.
  6. Worship is broader than one style or place in time. Weekend worship is a public venue to proclaim His name.  Private worship is a part of our lifestyle as well.

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