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Our Vision Statement:

Creating a culture of young people who passionately pursue Christ by living extra ordinary lives.

Summer 2024 Calendar

Deeper Waters Podcast

Want to dig deeper into our weekend messages?! Check out our Deeper Waters podcast! This podcast is for high school & middle school age students to dive deeper into the words of Jesus Christ as we talk more about the sermons from the week at IMPACT Student Ministries. Like and Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to be notified of new episodes!

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IMPACT Summer Nights

What are IMPACT Summer Nights?
IMPACT Summer Nights are Wednesday Nights from 6-8 and are designed to reach students for Christ through contemporary worship, energizing games and relevant, challenging messages. Click here to check out our online video messages, and download our calendar at the button above to stay up to date with everything going on!


Summer Theme NIGHTS!

USA Night | July 10th
Heeeyyayyayya its a party in the USA! We’re having USA night! Join us by show off your red, white, and blue and play some classic American games.

Christmas in July | July 24th
Come celebrate Christmas in July with us! What better way to celebrate than with cookies and Christmas games? Don’t forget to wear your favorite Christmas apparel.


Registration for these mission trips are now closed, we invite you to be in prayer for our students and leaders as they prepare for these trips.


Student Missions

We believe it is important for students to be given the opportunity to put their faith into action through living out the call Jesus gave us in Acts 1:8. "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." We want to grow our students in their understanding of missions & expand their mission experiences through their pre-teen & teen years which is reflected in the summer options offered.

Local (Middle School students); Regional(High School students); International(11th & 12th Grade students)

Dates and locations may vary from year to year! This year our 6th-8th graders are going to Rochester/Twin Cities on July 28th-August 2nd, our 9th-12th graders are going to Cleveland, OH July 14th-20th, and our 11th-12th graders are going to the Dominican Republic June 29th-July 6th. Our goal is to partner with ministries already on the ground in that area that can provide opportunities for students to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with locals of that area, serve where needed, connect with other students on the trip, and grow in their personal faith journey.  These trips are designed to be impactful whether it is the student’s first missions trip or 5th missions trip.

Click the button below for the health form! If you have questions regarding mission trips, please contact Shala .


Family Ministries Scope of Learning

6 Weeks - Pre-K

Six Weeks-Twenty-four Months (NURTURE)

  1. Jesus loves them and knows them by name.
  2. Communicate love & care through nurturing environments.

Two years- PreK (FORMATION)

  1. God made them.
  2. God loves them.
  3. Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Elementary (K-5th Grade)

Kindergarten-Third Grade (FOUNDATION)

  1. God’s loves them and His love never changes.
  2. They can choose to be a part of God’s story.
  3. God is faithful and they can trust Him, His promises, and His Word.
  4. Teach kids to know, love, and serve Christ.

Fourth-Fifth Grade (ENGAGE)

  1. Understand and interact with WHO God is. (Provider, Creator, Sustainer, Everlasting, Father, etc.)
  2. Begin transformation of knowledge being put into action by learning how God’s Word impacts their relationships with family and friends, introducing them to the concept of finding their identity in Christ, and how God’s Word strengthens us to face difficulties.
  3. Introduce spiritual habits of discipleship including worship, prayer, serving, baptism, sharing the gospel, studying God’s Word, and understanding & defending their faith.

Middle School (6th-8th Grade)

Sixth-Eighth Grade (AFFIRM)

  1. Affirm their identity is found in Christ, they are accepted, and they have value.
  2. Apply biblical knowledge to their everyday life. Help them understand how to rely on God.
  3. Remind them often that God will never stop loving them.
  4. Develop spiritual habits of discipleship including worship, prayer, serving, baptism, sharing the gospel, studying God’s Word, and defending their faith and being a part of the church NOW.

High School (9th-12th Grade)

Ninth-Twelve Grade (GUIDE)

  1. Encourage & help them develop spiritual habits of discipleship including worship, prayer, serving, baptism, sharing the gospel, studying God’s Word, and defending their faith.
  2. Navigate the understanding and explaining of difficult cultural topics by viewing them through a Biblical worldview. (ie: relationships, racial tensions, sexuality)
  3. Equip them to answer questions in relation to biblical truth. (ie: creation vs. evolution, how we know the Bible is true, Heaven & Hell, Is God’s forgiveness really for everyone?)
  4. Identify and empower them to use their gifts, abilities, passions, and talents to be active participants for the Kingdom of God in their church and community.

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