Dinners for 6

This is a great way to connect and get to know others at CCC.

Six people (couples and/or singles) are grouped together, and over the course of three months, they will gather once a month to share a meal. The purpose is to meet new people, form new friendships, and get to know each other better. 

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How do Dinners for 6 work?

Three couples (or two couples and two to three singles or any similar variation) are grouped together for a three month period. Over the course of three months, the group will gather at least once a month to share a meal together. Everyone in the group will be notified and given a list of the group members and contact information. A starting host will be identified to contact the remaining group members to organize the date, time, and location of the first meal. The groups can choose to meet in a home or in a restaurant and the group can be as creative or simple as they choose in the meals they enjoy!

Who cooks the meals?

Typically each couple provides the meal for the group (or if there are singles they can share the meal-hosting responsibilities). However, the meals can also be arranged as shared dish dinners, potluck-style, or the group can go out for a meal!

I don’t have room to host a dinner or I really can’t cook.

No problem. Our desire is for you to spend time eating together, getting to know each other and to include everyone. You are not required to host a dinner at your home to participate. Some groups may be hosted at a couple’s home more than once during the three months the group is together. If you can’t or don’t like to cook, you may bring drinks, buy something pre-made, or whatever your group decides. Or you may all agree to meet at a restaurant. It is completely up to the group!

How are groups arranged and when will I be contacted?

Many times groups are formed based on availability and life-stage (e.g. young marrieds, couples with young children, empty-nesters, etc.). There is a location on the sign-up form to identify any weekly scheduling conflicts and group preferences you might have. You will be contacted by Hannah Saunders when you sign-up, and she will give you more details on when the group will be formed.

This is sounding better & better, but I have children. What happens to them?

It is up to the group to determine if children will be a part of the meal or not. Ideas for dealing with the kids include: children can play or watch TV quietly in another room after the meal so the adults can talk, a teen child of someone in the group might be willing to babysit young children at the parent’s home, or parents of young children may need to find their own babysitter.

What happens when the three months are over?

After the three months are over, the group members can either continue meeting, opt out, or sign up again to participate in another round!