missions update

Below is a comprehensive update from our missionary partner, David Manfred, on the recent kingdom work being done in Cambodia. We have partnered with Cambodian missions for the past 13 years! Please take the time to read all that God is and has done since that time. We give Him all the glory! Below is a photo of the current C&MA Missionary Team in Cambodia.

Mission Update from Missionary David Manfred

For 13 years, CCC and its members have been an instrumental partner with the Cambodia C&MA missionary team to impact Cambodia for Christ.  This has taken many forms.  Most recently this has included:

  • A commitment to intentional and specific prayer through a monthly group that meets together to pray for the specific mission needs and opportunities in Cambodia along with the other mission partners that are connected to CCC.  This prayer group has been meeting for 13 years...  a long-term commitment to pray for us and for Cambodia that is unique in our experience as missionaries.  WOW!!!

  • Chuck and Barb van Havermaet who send out the monthly Cambodia C&MA mission prayer letter to those who are specifically interested to pray for our ministries in Cambodia.  This behind the scenes, humble, yet practical ministry, gets our needs for prayer known literally around the world. 

  • Support to the Great Commission Fund to support our C&MA missionary team in Cambodia.  This is our "bread and butter" support fund that allows us, and our other Alliance missionaries to live and serve in Cambodia and the many unreached areas where the Alliance is working.

  • Creating Hope 4 Cambodia, an annual fundraiser facilitated by Marti Ogren, with the help of many others, to support children at risk through our NewHope ministry (see the NewHope School details below). 

  • Support for specific projects on the Cambodia field that are approved by the C&MA but which are not supported through the Great Commission Fund.  In 2018 this has included (see the yellow tabs below for specifics).

On July 1, Chris and I return to Cambodia for three more years to serve again as the Field Director for the C&MA ministry in Cambodia. 

On behalf of our Cambodia mission team, the growing Church in Cambodia, and the thousands of individuals who have directly (and who will directly) be blessed through your generosity, I would like to thank the Lord and thank you for your absolutely strategic partnership in the Gospel with us in Cambodia (Philippians 1:6).  Awkun Chran ("Thank you" in Cambodian).

In Christ, David Manfred
Click here for a printable Prayer Card of the Manfreds. 

  • The Urban Ministry Training Center
  • The Poipet Ambulance Project
  • NewHope Schools + AWANA

The Urban Ministry Training Center

This is a ministry to reach the 80,000 young adults who are moving into Phnom Penh every year.  They are moving to the big city from the provinces and are often lonely, vulnerable, and searching in the wrong places to fill the "God-shaped hole" in all of us.  This ministry trains young believers (18-30 years old) through a 2-year intensive, hands-on, life on life, discipleship program to start multiplying groups of young adults who disciple others.  It was started in September 2017.  We have the land, the classroom space, the kitchen/dining building, an experienced team of 3 C&MA missionaries and 4 Cambodian leaders, and the first group of students.

Your gift of $20,000 this year has helped us to make progress on the one missing piece for this new ministry:  a 4-story student dorm and teacher residence that is currently being built as funds come in.  We are making progress as the 2nd story concrete "skeleton" of the 4-story building has now been completed.

The Poipet Ambulance Project

This is a city in NE Cambodia that has developed an Emergency Medical Service with 8 ambulances for an entire province.  In addition to providing emergency assistance to people in need, it also gives us legal permission from the Cambodian government to get visas for our missionary team.  

NewHope Schools

This includes about 250 kids from ethnic Vietnamese, very poor backgrounds, who receive a bi-lingual education in Vietnamese and Cambodian.  They learn reading, writing, and mathematics in 4 locations around Phnom Penh.  Our missionaries are discipling the teachers in the school who are in turn, teaching and discipling the children at the school.  More than 90% of the children have come to faith in Christ during their time at the school.  Their education opens many opportunities to the kids in terms of ongoing education, employment, as well as citizenship.  The schools also act as a practical prevention program for these at-risk children from being sold into prostitution.  Studies have shown that about 25% of the children from this demographic are sold into prostitution at a young age but for the kids at the NewHope school, it is less than 1%.


Support from CCC allowed one of our C&MA missionaries, Heather Williams, to translate and contextualize the AWANA material for Cambodia.  Heather reports: "AWANA is so very needed to disciple those little ones to really KNOW Jesus, not just know ABOUT Him.  And, after spending time going through these stories, and thinking about what they have to do with our own lives, we see changes in these kids!  And THAT is fun!  Thanks for joining in with us!"