Wedding & Pre-Marriage

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Wedding & Pre-Marriage

Christ Community Church is committed to life-long marriages.

We want to be helpful in your preparation for marriage and the planning of your wedding.

View our wedding guidelines.
Fill out our wedding information form. 
Fill out our bride and groom personal questionnaire.

Once these forms are completed, please email them to Greg Loy,  Pastor to Adult Ministries

First step

The first step in getting married at Christ Community Church is to complete a Bride and Groom Personal Questionnaire (see above link). This is given to the pastor or turned in to the church office. Office hours are 8:30-4:30 M-F. You also can mail the forms to 4400 55th St. NW, Rochester, MN  55901. After receiving the forms, the pastor will then meet with you to discuss your upcoming marriage.

 Prerequisites for wedding approval

Premarital preparation: Couples will be expected to complete a minimum of 10 hours of premarital preparation offered through Christ Community.
Marriage License: The state of Minnesota provides a $40 reduction in the marriage license fee to couples who complete a minimum of 12 hours of premarital education. This may be a combination of premarital sessions, mentoring with a couple, or attending a marriage seminar or class. Information on additional marriage education may be requested from your pastor in order to fulfill the 12 hours.

Saturday weddings

Due to the fact that the Sanctuary is used for Saturday worship services and rehearsals, we are sorry that we cannot accommodate Saturday weddings in the Sanctuary.

 Standard wedding fees

There is a wedding fee of $600 for regular attenders.

A $75 deposit is due at the time your wedding is scheduled on the church calendar.  This deposit is non-refundable.  The remaining fee is due no later than 5 days before the wedding.

This fee includes:

  • Use of the sanctuary, lobby, restrooms, two classrooms to be used as dressing rooms on day of ceremony, and limited kitchen use for bridal party snacks. (No cooking or food preparation allowed.)
  • Use of the facility for the rehearsal
  • The wedding coordinator, sound technician, and wedding custodian
  • Remuneration to the pastor      
  • This fee does not include:
    • Any room or part of the facility not specifically listed above, i.e., reception facilities
    • Any damage or excess clean-up caused by the wedding party or guests
    • Any musicians/soloists fees (please ask them what fee they charge ahead of time)

Christ Community Church reserves the right to deviate from these guidelines and fees if Christ Community Church feels your ceremony exceeds what we consider to be a standard wedding.

*To qualify as a regular attender, you need to be in the CCC database and attending weekend services at CCC at least twice a month at the time the wedding is placed on the church calendar. The regular attender guideline also applies if the bride or groom is a young adult and his or her parents are regular attenders of the church, or if the young adult has a history of involvement at CCC and considers it their home church.