Change can be fun - especially when it’s reflective of changed lives, and that’s exactly what we’ve seen at Christ Community Church over this past year:

  • We've seen 143 youth, adults and children commit their lives to Christ this year
  • We sent 41 students on mission this year to serve in Rochester and abroad
  • We have over 350 children participating in AWANA each week
  • We were able to give an additional $5,000 on top of our regular giving of $30,000 to Place of Rescue in Cambodia
  • We raised over $16,000 during the Creating Hope 4 Cambodia sale
  • We continue to partner with missionaries in Cambodia through specific projects: click here for the most recent update!

As we head into the final weeks of the year please consider how you can help us finish the year well. We are only 8.3% below last year’s giving. To maintain this pace we are seeking to raise $320,000. Generosity is a way to declare our freedom from the power of money. More than that, generosity is a way we declare our dependence on Jesus Christ and show our gratitude to Him for what He’s done. Without the generous giving of people like you, our ministry would cease to exist. Would you prayerfully consider what God might have you do to make up this budget shortfall?

We don’t take your generosity lightly, and thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration. Click here to make an online donation now.

Thank you,

Pastor Dave and the CCC Elders

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  • Why We Give
  • 2017 Annual Report



The General Fund supports weekend services, worship, adult, men & women ministry, AWANA, small groups, facilities, students, kidcity, staff, and more. Basically, anything that keeps CCC ministries running!


The Missions Fund supports local missions (Kids Hope USA, Teen MOPS, etc.); regional missions trips (Sisseton SD; Cleveland, OH; Fort Defiance, AZ; Cortez, CO); and the Great Commision Fund, which supports over 600 missionaries in 60+ countries.


The Building Fund supports the construction of our next facility. Christ Community has 30 acres of donated land that we are planning to develop into our new church campus in the next few years.  We have retained an architectural firm and the initial planning phase is underway.


Why We Give

Our View of Giving:

Biblical giving involves two different relationships - one with God and one with the local faith community. The mission of Christ Community is "Restoring Our Broken World". Faithful stewardship is a necessary ingredient in that process. Giving does not only apply to financial resources; it also includes giving our our time and talents for Christ's kingdom.


Long before tithing was a practice of the Israelite people, Cain and Able, the second generation of the human race, brought an offering to the Lord. The Lord blessed Able's offering, but rejected Cain's. Able brought "the firstborn of his flock," while Cain brought "some of the fruits of the soil" as an offering. God wants to be first. After all, everything that we have is already His.

"And all the title of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the Lord's. It is holy to the Lord." -Leviticus 27:30