Life Group: Drop In-Discipleship Class

Leader Larry Schmidt

When Sunday Morning

Childcare Yes

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THE ESSENTIALS OF BEING A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST When a person receives Christ as Lord and Savior, he is immediately saved and immediately becomes His disciple (a follower, a learner). The Holy Spirit resides in him and guides the follower’s process in learning about his Lord. This class is for anyone who wants to investigate Christianity; for anyone who wants assurance he is a disciple; and for anyone who wants to lead another to Christ and the essentials of being a disciple of Christ. This material is especially advantageous for Life Group leaders to use the week following each lesson. Lessons will be available a few days prior to class via email. Topics will extend from one to six weeks. Provide email to if you would like a copy in advance. Class will start on Sunday, November 4th during 9am service.