Saturday @ 5:30pm and Sunday @ 8:45am + 10:45am.


We will begin our re-open with 24 hours of prayer centered on the theme of unity, starting Thursday, June 4 at 8am and ending Friday, June 5 at 8am. 

From Darril's Email on Thursday, May 28th:

Darril will host and preach. Becky and some version of our worship team will lead music. Services will last about 45-50 minutes.

We will have 150 people max in the sanctuary. We will have a sign-up genius link on the website (stay tuned) and that will be sent next week via email for 125 people per service. We will be checking everyone in. Greeters and ushers will manage capacity and flow in and out of the building.

We are going to ask people who are "at risk" to continue to worship on-line for a while longer. There is still too much we don't know and we don't feel prepared for this group to rush back to worship.

Masks are recommended per the CDC and MDH, but only required at the 8:45am service. Social distancing will be practiced at all 3 services. Wearing masks is probably the hottest hot button in our culture right now. We are not going to fight about this. We wanted one of our services to be open to those of you who are choosing to wear masks and prefer that others around you do the same.  If there are more people in this group than one service can hold, we will adjust. 

We are waiting to open kidcity, Impact, and The Café... The Lead Team didn't have peace about opening these right now. We are going to keep it before the Lord and move when we have a need and have peace about it.

We are waiting on serving communion... our plan is to get a few services under our belt before we try to hand out or pass out the elements. We have the pre-packaged ones, but feel like we need to wait until at least the 1st weekend of July.

We are going to limit congregational singing. We will have 2 songs each service. Singing will be allowed, but we are asking that it be more like how most of you are singing during on-line church with your family, not like how you sing when you are in the shower. We believe this will be a season for us to engage in and get comfortable with other expressions and forms of worship.

The facility will be cleaned after each service.
And, we will continue to offer the same quality online experience we have enjoyed since we closed the building. We are not reducing any resources currently dedicated to online church. One of the ways we will honor those of you who choose to stay home is by offering you our very best online experience.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Steve Wernimont, our Director of Operations, at  .






In attempt to continue "restoring our broken world through the gospel of Jesus Christ", we would like to introduce a new tool to make volunteering more efficient and right at your finger tips.  The Service Opportunity Tool is an online database of local outreach and other service opportunities both within our community and within our church. Right now, we're using this as a resource for volunteers who want to offer assistance for the COVID-19 cause (things such as writing  "thank yous" to Mayo doctors and nurses, sending cards to assistant living facilities, offering childcare, etc). As needs come in, we will be updating the web page so that you can be in-the-know of what our congregation is needing as well as our community.  

To stay updated and find specific needs during this new season of change, search using the keyword "COVID-19". Be sure to click SUBSCRIBE at the top of the SOT web page to be notified of up-to-date needs.

If you have any questions or want a need listed, email David Allen or contact the church office at 507.282.5569




We feel the call to be a church that prays continually, and even more so in times of uncertainty.  

This is an opportunity for you to be part of a brief (up to 15 minutes) one-on-one prayer call with a member of our Prayer Team.  Sign up here to request one of these sessions, and we will begin the process of connecting you with someone as soon as possible.